MY book is ready

Nuthouse Episode Kinga Stefaniec 


My book is available in please check the website and buy it. 


I am a poet and writer originally from Poland. I live in Bristol, UK. At the moment I  am locked up in mental institiution. Soon my books will be available on a market. My first book of poetry tells the story of madness and love. Except poetry I am writing novel about Bristol anarchistic scene as well and this book will be on the market next year. Please give me positive feedback what you think about my site and the idea about the book of madness and anarchism. So far I won twice Koestler Award in London for poetry and my piece of art was exhibited in Southbank Centre in London in 2017. Soon I will attach photo of my work, be patient as I am :)


The publisher of my book confirmed cover of my book! Nuthouse episode is nearly ready to be on the market, are you happy with me? Because it is my first book I am so happy that I will be published. Wait and see. Please read my blog, because I write about my reality where I am now. I choose red pill, I know what is going on around me. Ignorance is bliss.

Today, nearly run away, but where to? There is nowhere to go! CCTV everywhere, can't use Facebook, bank card. Cameras on the street recognise face. Orwell 1984


My first book of poetry Nuthouse Episode will be available on Amazon soon. Please check updates. This picture will be my cover, so look out for a book in bookstores

I am a patient, I am patient

I feel like I stuck somewhere between walls, electric locks, protected glass. Long white corridors are my reality. I live in limbo waiting for discharge... Experience of mental institiution is extraordinary, it changes whole life and principles. Lack of freedom is awfull. But I got plans for a future. I am not going to stay in one place for long, I am going to travel a lot and write about it.

To whom it may concern

This website is about my book mainly, but also about my experience of mental institution, that's why I keep my blog with me to show my emotions out to the world. Please be patient with me, it's my first blog for a long time and I have not much chances to write as I am supervised and there are restrictions for internet use. I feel like I break the rules each time I am writing here. This is my world My inner world of seclusion and isolation far from home and from friends. I am Polish girl on English land locked up and with distant future somehwere in a 'Future'. I strongly believe that I will get out of the System someday, but for now it is impossible, I am dry and lack of positive attitude for another day. Another day which is the same as previous one. All days the same. I gasp for a joint. Some relaxation, wine in a park with friends. So far hard life. Walls and electric locks and Rules. Rules are to break them innit? I am always punished for breaking them, I am a rule breaker, naughty and inappropriate. I hate this place so much.